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Novia is your strategic partner that finds simplicity in complexity.

Novia offers tax strategy consulting for Venture Capital Funds, Start-ups, Founders and Investors.

It is a uniquely positioned business, offering a differentiated service tailored to you and your exact needs for the most difficult and sensitive cases.

Rather than provide you a lengthy and expensive deep tax technical analysis, we look at our role as being your sparring partner to help you navigate your tax uncertainty, develop pressure-test solutions, and implement the most efficient and effective tax strategies for you.

Novia has deep experience within the VC, Start-up, and investment world. We're not thinking in narrow and theoretical tax advisor boxes. but know exactly what drives business decisions and can provide advice tailored to you that supports the growth and sustainability of your business

Unser Team

Who we are. 


Tamara Haydu


Novia was founded by Tamara Haydu in 2022. 

After almost a decade working for a Big 4 company in Germany and New York City, she stepped out of the consultancy business to join a Venture Capital Fund in Berlin.

In this role, Tamara developed the internal tax function and established a range of tax structures to support the Fund's future growth plans. 

There, she noticed a knowledge gap on international and complex tax structures and a growing demand by company leaders for a business-conscious tax advisor. 

Tamara found her passion in being a coach and sparring partner for ambitious businesses and the people behind them.


In founding Novia, Tamara is able to combine her experience to Venture Capital Funds, Start-ups and Family offices with her passion for being a coach and sparring partner for ambitious businesses and the people behind them.

Do you want to find out more?

We're happy to help. Drop us a note and we'll be in touch.

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